Cowart just misses Olympic ‘A’ Standard at Savo Games

Donnie Cowart traveled across the pond to compete in the 3000m steeplechase at the Savo Games in Lepainlahti, Finland. The pace was quick and consistent from the start as the race was rabbited to guarantee a fast time. Cowart settled into 5th place right away then moved into 4th about three laps in. At this point the top three had opened up a gap so Cowart spent the rest of the race trying to pull them in. In the end Cowart was able to hold onto fourth place out leaning a surging Finnish athlete. Donnie finished in a time of 8:26.38, almost five seconds faster than his previous best of 8:31.09 set this spring at the Payton Jordan Invitational. His time was only three seconds off of the Olympic ‘A’ standard of 8:23. Cowart will stay over in Europe to rabbit a 5k on July 27th in Jeonsuu, Finland then will try and improve on his steeple time at the Lappenranta Games on August 13th. Results can be found below.

Results: 2011 Savo Games

Video: Fast forward to 1:23.20

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  1. He is getting close! If he does attain an “A” standard, does that mean then he would be eligible to compete in the 2012 Games contingent upon finishing in the top 3 in the Olympic Trials? Does attaining the standard in the summer of 2011 “count” for next year?

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