For Sponsors

How You Can Help

In order to understand how you can help this team, it is helpful to think in terms of “operating costs” – what, exactly, does an athlete need to live and train in Charlottesville, VA? They need food and shelter. They need shoes. They need access to a gym. Health insurance. Transportation. And miles of running trails (which Charlottesville already provides). For an itemized list of operating costs, see below.

So, how can you help? In almost any way imaginable. A partial list includes the following:

  • A donation, financial or otherwise (frequent flier miles you don’t need? Hotel points about to expire?)
  • If you are an employer, you could provide one of our athletes with a flexible, part time job
  • If you are a property owner, you could offer housing to our athletes at a reduced rate
  • If you work in the healthcare industry, you could provide our athletes with care when they need it (physical therapy, for instance)
  • If you work in media services, you could help publicize our group
  • If you have website expertise, you could help us maintain/upgrade our site

In short, anything you can think of, we would be grateful for.

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a team sponsor:

Ways We Can Return Your Goodwill

We will return your goodwill in any way we can. Some of what we can do include:

  1. Acknowledge your generosity on our website – As our group achieves increasing levels of success, we expect our web traffic to grow considerably – we will update our site and results in real time, as well as add features that will generate a significant amount of public interest. In short, we expect our website to be bookmarked on every runner in Central Virginia.
  2. Add your corporate logo to our uniforms – We expect our athletes to garner significant publicity, both in traditional media (local, ex. The Daily Progress, and trade specific, ex. Running Times) as well as in some of the newer media (websites, blogs, YouTube, etc.). There are rules about how many logos can be on racing uniforms for official USATF events, but local races are much less stringent. As we expect our athletes to have a signficant local presence, this will allow you to publicize your organization to a very targeted audience.
  3. Place your corporate logo on our outerwear – Our goal is to be able to support a team of approximately twelve men and twelve women. All of them will be training in Charlottesville, VA. A team of twenty four athletes would cover over 100,000 miles in just one year! In short, these athletes are walking, talking, (and running) billboards.
  4. Participate in your corporate functions – If our athletes can help your organization in your own publicity and marketing events, they would be happy to do so.
  5. If you’d like to make a contribution to our group, or have a question about how you can help out, please contact us at or give us a call at (434) 293-3369. To learn more about or organization and plan, click on the links above. Thanks!

Total Estimated Operating Costs (per athlete/year)

  • Housing: $4200 ($350/month per room in 4 BR apt)
  • Food: $3000 (110 miles/week = 572,000 calories/year)
  • Health Insurance: $3600
  • Gym Membership: $480
  • Shoes: $1373 (110 miles/week = 11.44 pairs/year)
  • Travel: $3600 (6 trips, $600/trip)
  • Total: $16,253/year