For Individuals


While financial donations are certainly appreciated, they are not expected. Still, for some people this is the easiest thing to do, so we’re working on setting up a mechanism by which you can contribute online. In the meantime, if you would like to make a contribution, please send a check made out to “Ragged Mountain Racing Team” to

Ragged Mountain Running Shop
c/o Mark Lorenzoni
3 Elliewood Avenue
Charlottesville, VA 22903

Be Part of the Team

To show our appreciation to individuals who provide much needed financial support to the sport of post-collegiate distance running, we are now offering great RMR running gear in return for your donations to the group. All gear comes professionally embroidered by the First Systems and Resources, complete with the RMR logo. Here is what you will receive based on the level of support:

  • $100 donation = Wicking Shirt
  • $250 donation = Half Zip Technical Top
  • $500 donation = Embroidered Jacket

Gifts In Kind

We also encourage our supporters to think outside the box – most people, including several of the founders of this group, do not have the means to make a financial contribution to it. So we (and hopefully you) have tried to think of things we can do to support this endeavor but that don’t involve writing a check. Gifts “in kind,” or any services you might be able to provide could be invaluable. Do you have graphic design skills? We could use your help with creating a logo. Web design? We need help there. Publicity? Ditto. Accounting? Legal? All of the above. Pretty much anything a normal business requires, we require, and we’d love to have your help.

Lifetime Donor

We are totally committed to this group, and one of our goals is to structure it such a way that it will remain in perpetuity. In order to help with that, we are setting up an endowment, to be funded by any money we raise in excess of our annual operating costs (unlikely in our early years) as well as by individual contributions (for more on this, see our business plan). Donors who make a yet-to-be-determined one time contribution to our endowment will receive recognition on our website, and we will provide you with an email address which you can use as long as this group is in existence ( We think it’s a great way for you to show your support, and we would like to recognize, and thank you, in any way we can.

Other Ways You Can Help:

Still can’t think of anything? Perhaps the easiest thing to do is ask yourself, “What would I need if I wanted to live and train in Charlottesville?”. You would need food and shelter. You would need shoes. You would need access to a gym. Health insurance. Transportation (ground and air). And miles of running trails (which Charlottesville already provides). These are the things our athletes need. Anything you can help with, we would be grateful for.

Some more ideas – frequent flier miles you don’t need? Hotel points about to expire? Both are usually transferable. If you are an employer, you could provide one of our athletes with a flexible, part time job. If you are a property owner, you could offer housing to our athletes at a reduced rate. If you work in the healthcare industry, you could provide our athletes with care when they need it (physical therapy, for instance). If you work in media services, you could help publicize our group. In short, anything you can think of, we would be grateful for.

To give you some sense of what we estimate the “cost of living and training in Charlottesville” to be, see our figures below. And if you decide you’d like to make a contribution to our group, or have a question about how you can help out, please feel free to contact us. Thanks!

Total Estimated Operating Costs (per athlete/year):

  • Housing: $4200 ($350/month per room in 4 BR apt)
  • Food: $3000 (110 miles/week = 572,000 calories/year)
  • Health Insurance: $3600
  • Gym Membership: $480
  • Shoes: $1373 (110 miles/week = 11.44 pairs/year)
  • Travel: $3600 (6 trips, $600/trip)
  • Total: $16,253/year