Husky Classic (Seattle) 5k

-Wednesday February 9th

My trip to Seattle started with a 4am wake up in C’ville and a drive to the airport.  Macklin Chaffee was kinda enough to wake up and drive my truck home from the airport.  A quick flight up to Dulles (6:22am-7:00am) and then a hunt for Gate D4.  The entire flight I read “The Miler” about Steve Scott and couldn’t put it down.  Boarded the plane for Seattle at 8:00am and was off to the west coast (8:19am D.C. – 11:12am Seattle).  More chapters of “The Miler”, one extremely delicious blueberry cliff bar, a nap, the movie “Unstoppable”, a few more hours of reading “The Miler” later and I had landed in Seattle. Cara Linnenkohl (UVA crew-buddy/ my nutritionist) set me up with some really great people to stay with Norah, Amanda, and Katie. Norah was so kinda as to pick me up from the airport around 1pm.  After getting the grand tour of her place I headed to a deli for lunch and after laced up for a run.  An easy out and back on the Burke-Gilman Trail, stopping by the Dempsey Center for a photo.

-Thursday February 10th

Walked to the store this morning for breakfast supplies.  Came back to the apartment cooked oatmeal and had a bowl of cereal.  Now I’m going out for lunch and going to see Seattle a little bit with one of Cara’s friends Heather.  I visited the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, and the Gum Wall. It was fun to see parts of Seattle that I’ve heard so much about.

– Friday February 11th

RACE DAY! The start was clean I settled in near the front (about 4th).  First mile was 4:26 and I felt comfortable.  Near the two-mile mark I ended up taking the lead because the pace was slowing a little and I wanted to be sure we’d stay on sub-14 min pace.  Reaching the two-mile at 8:58 (4:32) I still felt comfortable and tried not to underestimate the last mile.  After leading for about 700 meters two guys moved by me and did some of the work, which I was extremely happy about.  The pace was now starting to pick up and I was hanging on try to run the end as smart as possible.  Two more runners more by and one really opens up the pace with 600 meters to go and I was not able to respond right away being behind a few people.  Once I got around I was able to open up and kick coming through the three-mile in 13:24 (4:26) and hold on for second place.  Crossing the line at 13:54.76 for a new Person Best of 1:07 set in 2009 at the Indoor Big South Conference Championships.  It was the first time I had completely focused on the event and I am extremely happy with the result.  Not sure what the next race for me is, but I will keep you posted.

Thank you all for your support.

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  1. Nice, I just discovered it’ll be a live race ( so I’m no longer holding you to txting me results. Looking forward to the writeup!

  2. DONNIE. i’m waiting anxiously for you to finish your write-up. how did the race turn out?!?! i heard you finally broke 20 minutes in the 5k?! 😉

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