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Biladeau wins Acumen Solutions Race For a Cause 8k

Andy Biladeau continues his successful season on the roads, coming out in first place at the Arlington, VA road race.  He finished in 23:43 for 8k, winning by 14 seconds.

Race Results: Acumen Solutions Race for a Cause

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Columbus Half Marathon

Thomas Adam ran a 37 second PR to finish 9th overall at the Columbus Half Marathon on Sunday.  Next up for Adam will be Club Cross Country Nationals in Charlotte, NC.

Searchable results: 2010 Columbus Half Marathon

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RMR welcomes massage therapist, Ernie Kidd

In order to help with the recovery of the RMR athletes, Ernie Kidd has agreed to be RMR’s official massage therapist. Kidd has been a massage therapist for 20 years, working with a variety of sports-related clients, ranging from cyclists and runners to most notably the Olympic Atlanta 1996 indoor volleyball team. What drives Kidd is his passion for his profession and the satisfaction of aiding people succeed in their endeavors.

Ernie Kidd

“I do find meaning in helping others find their greatest potential, be it athletics or life.  I  am looking forward to the “Happy Dance” when you are enjoying your PR or standing atop the podium. Most of all, I enjoy seeing a healthy and happy life lived with passionate zeal.”

Whether you are a competitive athlete looking to take your skills to the next level or a 9-5 workaholic looking for a way to relax at the end of the week, Kidd offers a variety of massage services that will fit your specific need in Charlottesville.  For more information about Ernie Kidd’s massage therapist services, please visit the Champions Table Massage.

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Kelleher on Versus

The 2010 USA Triathlon Elite National Championship, in which Kelleher finished 4th overall and 3rd amongst Americans, will air October 14 at 4pm on Versus.  Click here for more info.

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Charlottesville Women’s 4-miler

Nicole, Louise, Vicky, and Ann raced for Ragged Mountain Racing at Charlottesville’s 2010 Women’s 4-miler on September 4th.  Nicole and Louise made things interesting, finishing within a second of each other.  For the “play-by-play”, see Mark’s Daily Progress article. “Someone yelled out at me at the Hunt Country store that I had a comfortable lead, so I thought I was OK,” said Nicole. “I let my guard down as I raced to the finish line and all of a sudden there was Louise passing me. For a brief second I was stunned. Thank goodness, I had something left to catch her back. I learned my lesson to always race through the finish. Hats off to Louise for her great race as she pushed me to the most amazing finish of any race I’ve ever competed in.”  The RMR ladies finished 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 7th for the team win.

Our Ladies

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RMR Mascot is Born

Louise and Ann welcome newest addition to the RMR "family"

Alexis Evelyn Thiele, born August 1st, has enjoyed meeting her RMR family.  Shannon, Ann, and Louise all visited Alex in her first days of life.  She looks up to the RMR ladies, and hopes to be one some day.  Now, she settles for “mascot” status.  Alex already has her first pair of running shoes – NB 990’s in gray (her dad’s old favorite) and she is “running” around town in the BOB stroller.  Alex won’t be racing in 2010, but has her long term sights set on Brazil 2016.

First Running Shoes

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