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Rittenhouse and Martin Run Well At Chicago Marathon

Melissa Rittenhouse and Amy Martin traveled to Illinois to run in the Chicago Marathon. The weather was not ideal but bearable, with temperatures in the 50s but sunny and windy.

Rittenhouse locked on to her pace early as she ran the first 16-18 miles within one second of each other, crossing halfway in 1:24:24. Melissa was able to fend off the late marathon pace increase well, staying fairly consistent in the second half and finishing in a time of 2:50:37. Her time earned her 39th place overall. This was another good stepping stone for her as Melissa finished four minutes faster than she did at the Boston Marathon this past spring.

Martin started out a little bit above pace and worked down to her goal of 6:35-40 around mile 5. Martin passed the half in 1:28:34 feeling good and right on pace. Around 21 miles, her quads and calves began to cramp, but Amy was able to push through and finish strong. Her time of 2:57:54 placed her 75th overall, 2nd US master, and 5th overall master. Not only that, she also set a new PR by almost three minutes, breaking her mark set back in the spring at Boston. Searchable results can be found below.

Searchable results: 2013 Chicago Marathon

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Hurt and Adam Compete at US Marathon Championships

Charlie Hurt and Thomas Adam traveled to Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota to compete in the US Marathon Championships, held in conjunction with the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. The weather was ideal for the marathon, cool and fairly overcast. Hurt and Adam went out conservatively together then separated around four miles. Adam dropped back and eventually dropped out at 17 miles due to hamstring issues. Hurt got into a groove early and rolled through the half in 1:12:19, ahead of his split from Chicago last year. Through 21 miles, Hurt was on 2:24 pace, but shortly after cramps set in and Charlie struggled to the finish. Hurt ended up running 2:32:38 for 46th place. While the time was not quite what he was hoping to run, the training block was a success and Charlie is looking forward to what is in store in the future. Searchable results can be found below.

Searchable Results: 2013 Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon

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